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Addicted to eBay
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Please read the bio if you are going to join! We want you to know all the details and what cool stuff we do!
magicwoman and fieryrogue came up with the crazy idea for this community. We hope people enjoy it. :-)

  • One picture before the LJ cut -- not a montage of three or more, be kind to everyone's pages.
  • One post per day please, organize your marketing strategy, don't spam your friends here.
  • Share ideas, tips, etc. We want to know the best ways to use eBay!
  • Share experiences! Good or bad, we want to learn how to be more successful in the good, and to avoid the bad.
  • Show us what you got! Feel free to take a picture and show off all your sacred treasures!
  • Post a list of things you hunt for most often. If someone sees something you might like, they could let you know! And anyone with similar interests could definitely benefit from each other in this way, sharing tips and such. Maybe even getting involved trading amongst yourselves! It also helps us to know more about our members. Lists (and follow-up updated lists) will get archived in the community’s Memories for easier access and the ability for newer members to find older members entries without having to hunt for them.
  • Be creative! Don’t be limited to what’s been listed here!
  • Most importantly… HAVE FUN!!

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